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    1. Inter-regional Roundtable meeting, Tallinn (Estonia), April 7th, 2011

      Gulf of Finland - Baltic Sea Regional Transport Hub 2020?

      Interregional roundtable in Tallinn, 7.4.2011, discussed transport policies and business viewpoints in the Helsinki-Tallinn-St.Petersburg region. Main theme was implications of Rail Baltica, ferry transport, transport related urban development and topical transport projects (eg. Allegro train Helsinki-St.Petersburg). Several politicians took part in audience consisting mainly on transport specialists and officials of local and regional administrations.


      List of participants

      Session 1: Gulf of Finland regional transport development – political views

      Presentation Keinänen

      Session 2: Baltic Sea Region transport studies and trends

      Presentation Kakulis

      Presentation Efimova

      Presentation Hilmola

      Presentation Tiru

      Presentation Paul

      Session 3: Public authorities’ panel on regional strategies & transport system: Challenges, visions and initiatives of Helsinki and Tallinn regions

      Panel discussion

      Session 4: Business Panel on Gulf of Finland transport outlook and market trends

      Presentation Fagerström

      Presentation Parikka

      Presentation Laidvee

      Presentation Nissinen

      Presentation Shabarov


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