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Activity 4 – Policy Dialogue

Activity 4 aims to develop joint conclusions and policy recommendations concerning the infrastructural, spatial and institutional environment of Rail Baltica. Here, special emphasis is laid on cooperation with the sister Project RBGC, who invites stakeholders around BSR to contribute to joint activities and discussion. Through Activity 4 also Russian stakeholders will contribute to in this process.

The workplan of Activity 4 consist of three sub-activties:

-          Regional Roundtable conference serving as forum for public discussion of visions and measures for developing Rail Baltica Growth Corridor around theGulf of Finland(Russian, Finnish and Estonian stakeholders invited)

-          Transnational Rountable Forum analyzing the critical measures of infrastructure development on the local and regional level (participants from all over BSR)

-          Compiling “Rail Baltica Growth Corridor Memorandum for N-W Russia” to contribute to the transnational Rail Baltica Growth Strategy evaluating critical infrastructure investments identified by the regional round-tables from the transnational point of view.

Regional roundtable creates acceptance for the ‘Rail Baltica Growth Strategy’ and activates Russian, Finnish and Estonian stakeholders for the objectives of the cooperation. Russian Partners, Associated Organizations and stakeholders are invited to contribute to the Regional roundtable work with their Finnish and Estonian counterparts. The results of the discussion in Regional roundtable are contributing to the discussions in the Transnational Roundtable Forum.

Transnational Roundtable Forum consists of critical stakeholders with representatives from national ministries, infrastructure providers, operators of rail services, European stakeholders and other transnational transport projects in the BSR. The Forum analyzes the critical measures of infrastructure development on the local and regional level along the Rail Baltica. The Forum evaluates from the transnational viewpoint infrastructural, spatial and institutional challenges in the region. All stakeholders are invited to represent their national and institutional views. As a continuation, Forum will evaluate from the transnational point of view the development avenues and infrastructural, spatial and institutional solutions for Rail Baltica including critical infrastructure investments tracked down during the process.

Supported by the work in Transnational Roudtabel Forum, a ‘Rail Baltica Growth Corridor Memorandum’ will be compiled in Activity 4.3 Partner 2 (City of Helsinki) as the Lead Partner of the sister project RBGC, and the Chair of the Rail Baltica Transport Forum, will implement a local research in St. Petersburg, in order to support the preparatory work of N-W Russia Memorandum. Reinforced by the research, Russian Partners, Associated Organizations and stakeholders have a crucial role in contributing to the joint transnational RB Growth Strategy with their national ‘Rail Baltica Growth Corridor Memorandum for N-W Russia’. Here the synergies between the two sister Projects will be ensured especially by the RBTransport Forum Chair – City ofHelsinki.

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