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Rail Baltica Stakeholder Forum makes overtures for participation of Finnish industries

HELSINKI, 3.5.2013
The Rail Baltic Stakeholder Forum aimed to stimulate positive dialogue on the transport needs of the Finnish export industry and Rail Baltic transport corridor as a business case.

The event moderated by Rail Baltic European Coordinator Pavel Telička introduced the current situation and new opportunities provided by the Rail Baltic route for the Finnish companies. The discussion touched on the issues of the rail infrastructure ownership, operating possibilities and EU transport policies for the next two financial periods.

Senior Advisor James Pond, DG Move, emphasized the willingness of the Commission to support the construction of the new European standard 1435 mm gauge Rail Baltic. He underlined that the funding allocated by EU up to 3,6 bln euros constitutes a unique opportunity for the Baltic States to modernize their railway infrastructure to meet the European standards.

For Rail Baltic to succeed there needs to be strong ownership over the business concept that manages the complexity of actors and stakeholders in the countries involved.

In this development process, the private companies could operate as a catalyst to the political decision making. “Our overall mission is not only to coordinate the Rail Baltic infrastructure project but also to bring businesses in. There lies considerable potential both in the creation of the new 1435 mm railway business model and in making the best use of the existing 1520 mm infrastructure”, summarized Pavel Telička.

The event was attended by the representatives of Czech Railways, VR Group, UPM Group, Port of Helsinki, Valmet Automotive, Keslog and Confederation of Finnish Industries.

The Forum was organized by the City of Helsinki and Aalto University School of Business in collaboration with AmCham Finland and the Embassy of the United States in Helsinki as part of the Rail Baltic Growth Corridor project.