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Activity 2 – Connectivity Pilot

Activity coordinator: Public Transport Authority Berlin-Brandenburg VBB

Connectivity Pilot works on designing a virtual door-to-door travel planner for passenger transport. The action will connect St. Petersburg and Leningrad region to the EU-Spirit travel information network covering Eastern Baltic Sea Region and other parts of Europe.

The EU-Spirit network provides the calculation of an itinerary between stops, addresses or points of interest in different European regions. The system offers multimodal connections combining local and regional public transport with international rail and flight services.

The Connectivity Pilot does not set up completely new systems but uses information systems that already exist. Existing local, regional and national services only have to be connected with each other to be able to find connections from one area to another. Using the existing EU-Spirit technology this process is easy and cost-effective.

The Connectivity Pilot consists of the following activities:

  • Integrating St. Petersburg as long distance origin and destination into the EU-Spirit network

  • Adding local public transport information of St. Petersburg as far as available

  • Setting up an internet based pilot customer service as “virtual server” in Russian language

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