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Mr Jürgen Ross
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Mr Jona Kundel

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Public Transport Auhtority Berlin-Brandenburg VBB is the Coordinating Partner of WP5. The aim of WP5 is to improve the internal and external accessibility of BSR by introducing Rail Baltica Travel Information Network, an integrated door-to-door travel planner for the Rail Baltica region in terms of long-distance and local public transport, covering multimodal (road, rail, sea and air) timetable information.

WP5 activities aim at connecting the BSR region with the EU-Spirit network. EU Spirit network was realized in the 5th Framework Programme to reduce the barriers for cross-border access to information. As a result, EU-Spirit launched an international Internet-based travel information service for customers of public transport. It is based on existing local, regional, and national travel information systems which are interlinked via technical interfaces. The EU-Spirit service provides door-to-door travel information for customers who do not only travel within one region. The service provides the calculation of an itinerary between stops, addresses or points of interest in different European regions. The information service includes any carrier of local and long-distance public transport as well as additional services, for instance map service and fare information. The information of the EU-Spirit service is for free and is provided via the customer’s local information system in his mother tongue.