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Mr Jorma Härkönen
Mr Albertas Aruna

Ms Laima Greiciune


The RBGC Logistics pilot activity is jointly coordinated by Competence Centre of Intermodal Transport and Logistics (CCITL) of the Vilnius Gediminas Technical University and LIMOWA Logistics Centre Cluster.

The Logistics pilot aims to harmonize services and define common interoperability between logistics centers in the Rail Baltica region. Stakeholder and networking analyses of WPs 3-4 will be applied to create stakeholder-partnership model in the context of logistics centers. The stakeholder partnership is built between all critical actors from public and private sectors. Improved interoperability of logistics centers and intermodal terminals in the Rail Baltica Growth Corridor cluster create potential for design of new service products within the Region. Based on the harmonized and thus more competitive network of logistics centers, joint branding and promotion activities are implemented to related markets in Asia and Europe.


The creation of new service products, and thus, the whole stakeholder partnership has two different viewpoints. Firstly, the aim is to create a functional logistics centre network to serve the global freight flows between Asia to Europe. Rail Baltica provides an excellent route to the Eastern BSR and the Northern Europe for the Asian freight transported via sea to the major transport hubs e.g. in Hamburg and Amsterdam. The unused potential can only be utilized by improving the logistics centre networks in the Region. Secondly, another operating concept will be developed for the transport flows going to the direction of Central and Southern Europe. As Rail Baltica will be linked with the major transport hubs of the Europe (such as Warsaw, Berlin) the interoperability of logistics centers becomes a major prerequisite for the competitiveness of the route.